Terms and Conditions of Affiliate Program

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    Terms and Conditions of Affiliate Program clarumled.eu  

    I. Joining the affiliate program.  

    Joining our affiliate program is equal to coming to an agreement between Clarumled Sp z o.o. and a partner.  Terms and conditions are in front of the law an agreement between Clarumled Sp z o.o. and a Partner, who confirms the below conditions of the Terms and Conditions.

    In order to join our affiliate program it is necessary to have a customer account registered.

    To participate in our program you need to be:  

    a. a person who runs a business 

    b. a company

    1. In registration form it is required to fill in a name, surname, address, phone number and email, login and passwords.
    2. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions is equal to understanding and accepting the rules of our Affilliate Program.  
    3. Participation in Affiliate Program is voluntary and free of charge.

    II. Rights and duties of a Partner.

    1. After registration a Partner is obliged to fill in the rest of information regarding payment details.
    2. A Partner agrees to store your personal data until you are a Partner of Clarumled Sp z o.o.
    3. Clarumled Sp. z o.o. gives a license to a Partner to use advertising materials regarding  advertised products and to use them on their blogs, websites, social media etc. in order to promote products and increase sales.
    4. A Partner at any time may resign from participation in Affiliate Program, but is obliged to send the information about the resignation to Clarumled via email.
    5. After resigning from Affiliate Program, a Partner is obliged to delete the partnership links from his website.

    III. Rights and duties of an Organizer.

    1. Organizer is obliged to restrictly follow the rules of the Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program, secure personal data and make payments on time.
    2. Organizer is responsible for reliable settling accounts with a Partner.
    3. Organizer shall provide and regularly update all the necessary advertising materials, which are available in the panel of Affiliate Program.  
    4. Every Partner has the access to the administration panel.
    5. Organizer reserves the right to remove the Partner’s account in case a Partner breaches any of the rules of the Terms and Conditions or law in general.
    6. Organizer does not take responsibility for any mistakes or delay in payments if a Partner gives the wrong payments data.
    7. Organizer is obliged to settle the account with a Partner either in case a Partner resignes from the Affiliate Program or the Organizer removes a Partner’s account.

    IV. Commission.

    1. A Partner has an account, on which he can check at any time his clients and the orders placed by his clients.
    2. 10 % commission (for profiles and accessories) is calculated on the basis of realized orders.
    3. The commision is paid on Partner’s bank account.
    4. The commision is calculated on the 14th day of receiving the delivery by a client.
    5. The commission is paid only if above 50 eur.
    6. After calculating the commision a Partner is obliged to issue an invoice with accordance to the above mentioned conditions. The payment is made immediately after receiving the invoice by the Organizer.
    7. A Partner may check the history of the payments and commisions at any time by logging in administration panel.
    8. Organizer has the right not to pay the commission if a Partner breaches any rule of the Terms and Conditions or law in general.

    V. Administration Panel.  

    A parter has the access to the Administration Panel that includes:

         - statistics

         - codes and banners generator ( html, php, js )

         - payments section

    VI. Final Rules.

    1. The terms and conditions states the confirmation of the agreement between the Organizer and a Partner and replaces any other written or oral agreements between the parties.
    2. Breaching the rules of the terms and conditions may result in finishing the cooperation between the parties.  
    3. A Partner that would like to resign from participation in the affiliate program shall inform the organizer about this fact via email.
    4. The organizer is obliged to inform a partner about all changes implemented in the Terms and Conditions.
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